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Ideas & Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Determine what kind of event you will host depending on what you think will be interesting to you and your friends/business associates. Avoid high overhead/low financial recovery events.
  1. Some ideas are a dance party with a band or DJ, a golf tournament, bike tour, 5K run, stair climb, softball game, auction (silent or live), fishing derby etc. These kinds of events typically would ask for an entrance fee. Inquire around town what the typical entrance fee is for your type of charity and don’t be afraid to ask your friends/associates for this fee. In the Boston area a common asking price is anywhere between $100 - $500 per person for the annual galas, golf, fishing, biking or auctions etc. If you know that a friend can’t afford this cost, ask them for an “in-kind” donation such as helping to work during the event, cooking, clean-up, stuffing envelopes etc. OTHER IDEAS ARE:  ask your high school if SDS can be the year’s designated charity, Superbowl party, letter writing campaign, bake sale, garage sales with the money going towards SDSF, Tribute donations instead of birthday or holiday gifts, estate planning and so much more.
  1. EMAIL CAMPAIGN: the easiest way to fundraise! Write an email (suggested letter below) and email to all of your friends and family. You can include pictures of your child and your family too. Ask them to donate using our paypal Donate button on our web site. Give a suggested donation of $100 or anything that they are comfortable with. We take credit cards through paypal. Direct them to this link:


  2. If you would like to use SDSF stationary to write solicitations to donors for items such as food, beverages, printing, flowers, etc., please contact Kim McDowell at kimmc@rochester.rr.com

  3. Always put your return address on invitation envelopes.

  4. If possible, include a self-addressed, return envelope for the RSVP in the invitation. You can even get a rubber stamp with your address on it made for close to  $10.00 ish  through the internet.

  5. If you plan to have an auction or raffle, inquire at your local Town Hall for rules and regulations. For instance, Massachusetts does not require a raffle license unless there is a combined value of prizes exceeding $10,000 or a ticket exceeding $10. FYI – Plane tickets are a great item to raffle. Do you know a travel agent who can get you two free plane tickets? They help sell a lot of tickets! Vacation homes, golf outings, professional sports tickets are all great auction/raffle items.

  6. Always list the information about :Employer Matching Gift Funds. Our tax number is:  # 43-1709945   If someone participates in this program, they need to send you paperwork from their company to fill out. Please send this paperwork along with the check attached for SDSF to process and complete.

  7. Save all receipts of expenses for possible reimbursement on approval by the Board of Directors. Or, send in the receipts and receive a tax deduction letter for yourself instead. You may not reimburse yourself. It is against the law. Call with any questions.

  8. Make sure that you send all donors letters of thanks for their contributions, whether financial or in-kind items. Please send a list to the Board of any donor who has given over $250.00 so that they may receive a legal tax deduction letter. You may notify the Board if you want those names to appear in the newsletter on the donor page or if you would like to keep those names privately held. If you ask for privacy, the Board will certainly honor your request. SDSF will send all donors thank you letters.

  9. Federal tax disclosure requirements: All charities are required by federal law to let their participants know what part of their entry fee/ticket price is tax deductible and must be printed on the invitation. For example, if you serve dinner with your event valued at $25.00, and you charge $75.00 to come to the event, then the deduction is anything over $50.00. Your disclosure would read: Tax deductible in excess over $50.00.

  10. Consider printing a program that acknowledges all donors and pass it out at the event. After the event,  mail it to any business donors with a thank you letter for their records. If they need a letter of tax exemption, please ask them to supply you with a letter of the items donated and their value and SDSF will send a letter.

  11. Do you need SDSF brochures to hand out at the event?  Email Kim McDowell. kimmc@rochester.rr.com

  12. Publicity: Do you want to contact your local paper to alert them of the event? What you lose in privacy you gain in potentially unsolicited donors and awareness. Contact the editors in the features, living, lifestyles or community sections of the newspapers. Make sure they print the full name of the disease and give them a brochure or the web site address for them to get their information from. Also, make sure they print the web site name:  www.shwachman-diamond.org