How to Host a Fundraiser PDF Print E-mail

Want to plan an event in 6 weeks? Here's a guide:

  • 6 weeks out: Determine what event you think will work best for you and Ask for Help! Ask your family, friends and colleagues to volunteer to help. You'll want 2-3 people minimum as your organizing committee. Do you want to host a Dance? Party with raffle prizes? Golf or Tennis or Chess Tournament? Please see list below for other ideas.
  • 5 weeks out: Get Organized! Set a location, date & time. Determine a fundraising goal, and set up a fundraising web page and create your invitation. Ask local businesses to sponsor/donate to your event. If you can't get dollars, get in-kind donations. Order SDS rubber bracelets or create and order t-shirts from your local supplier.  
  • 4 weeks out: Spread the Word! Email/mail your invitation. Ask friends and family to volunteer to help at the event. Reach out to civic & religious organizations you are involved with. Contact news media.  
  • 3 weeks out: Check Final Details! Print signs and other materials for event location. Gather donations of refreshments. Stay in touch with your volunteers.   
  • 2 weeks out: The Home Stretch! Send reminders to registrants and volunteers. Double check supplies and materials.   
  • 1 week out: Countdown to Success! Check weather reports. Verify contingency plans. Confirm volunteer assignments.

To get the word out and to help with registration, you could set up a blog or twitter account for your race.

If you know someone who has a Constant Contact account, you could get them to create an email for you to announce the event and then you can use it to print posters and continue to change it a bit to send out new information about the event as it gets closer. You can also put our Paypal linkin that email.


  • Alumni Reunions - sell SDSF Rubber or SDS flashdrives
  • Art Exhibit - of locals or kids - charge admission/sell tickets
  • Auction/Silent Auction -get donated items from friends, family and local businesses. 
  • Bake Sale
  • Balloon Bouquets - buy wholesale, sell retail
  • Bazaar And Fair - charge for admission and food and drink
  • Block Party - sell SDS rubber and SDS flashdrives
  • Box Lunches -make them yourself and sell at retail
  • Breakfasts (Pancake, International Food, etc) - sell admissions or single meal
  • Car Wash - get volunteer students and ask fire dept for access to water
  • Celebrity Lunch Or Dinner -charge admission
  • Christmas Craft Sale