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Amalase pancreatic enzyme that breaks down starches.
Endocrine the part of the pancreas that secretes insulin and other hormones, which are necessary to control blood sugar.
Lipase pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fats.
Malabsorption when the body does not absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals properly. Malabsorption may impair normal growth and development. Failure of the exocrine pancreas or pancreatic insufficiency may cause malabsorption.
Pancreas a large gland that lies behind the stomach. It is made up of two parts, the endocrine and the exocrine pancreas.
Pancreatic dysfunction evidence of loss of enzyme production in the pancreas.
Pancreatic insufficiency the pancreas does not product enough enzymes to digest food.
Pancreatic sufficiency the pancreas is not normal, but has improved enough to correct the digestive problems without the continuing need for pancreatic enzymes with meals.
Proteases different pancreatic enzyme that breaks down proteins.
Trypsin an important pancreatic enzyme which breaks down proteins.