Getting Medical Care While You Are Working PDF Print E-mail
If you are working or do not qualify for government benefits and you live near a teaching medical university you can contact them and inquire about their programs for patients unable to pay the cost of medical care. Most large teaching hospitals offer such programs.

Need a Physician in the Adult Medical Community?
If you are in need of a hematologist or other specialist to provide medical care call the office of the head of the department of hematology at a medical university/ medical center and ask if they have a physician on their staff who has experience in caring for patients with SDS or other BMF diseases. You will be surprised how well this works. Most physicians who are faculty members at medical universities are more open to handling patients with rare and unusual problems. In addition, these doctors are paid their salary by the university and are not as concerned about your ability to pay.

You can also try- U.S. dept. of Health & Human Services website at http://ask.hrsa.gov/index.cfm   Scroll down to the box that says Find A Health Center for Care That You Can Afford, enter your zip code and it will list all of the health facilities who provide free or greatly reduced health care. These are usually local clinics who can provide regular medical care. They usually do not have a large number of specialists, but can be helpful for check-ups and common illness.

Health Insurance Advocacy & help with problems
If you have health insurance and your company should try to drop your coverage contact the National Patient Advocacy Foundation for help.