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Sample Letter for Teachers and Daycare Providers concerning Enzyme Supplements



(Name)_________________ is followed regularly at (hospital)___________________, by (Dr)______________ because (he/she) has SHWACHMAN DIAMOND SYNDROME, an inherited, multi-system disease that primarily affects the bone marrow and digestive systems.

(Name) _____________________ must take a digestive enzyme supplement to replace what his/her pancreas does not produce. These enzymes _________________ (name of enzyme) are derived from a naturally occurring animalproduct. If (name)_________________ does not take the enzymes as instructed he/she will ezperience abdominal pain and will need to go to the bathroom more often than usual.

It is very important that children with SDS lead as normal a life as possible. This has become more possible over the last few years with the many advances in treatments. We encourage the children to become as independent as they can at an early age, and this includes taking their own medications. (name)_________________ should be able to carry and administer his/her own enzymes while at school because this product should not be administered while in the nurse’s office as they will be ineffective by the time he/she gets to actually eat the meal. The enzymes must be taken immediately prior to eating.

I understand the difficulty presented to you by this request to carry and administer medications while at school. I hope that you will consider this request on an individual basis and let (name)________ handle the supplements on his/her own. These enzymes could not harm anyone in any way if they were accidentally ingested because they are derived from a naturally occurring product that we all have in our digestive system already.

I invite you to call me with any problems or questions concerning this request or about SDS in general at (phone #)___________________.


(dr or other medical caregiver)