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The SDSF board members all volunteer their time to run this organization.

  • President & Transplant Liaison- Christine James (Maryland)
    Christine is mother to Bodie, who had a bone marrow transplant on 1-21-11. She is a stay at home mom due to the many hospitalizations, doctor's appointments, and illnesses Bodie endured.  She is a Navy wife too.  Christine joined SDSF as a Family & Bone Marrow Transplant Support Liaison.
  • Vice President, Founder & Family Support- Joan Mowery (Missouri)
  • Secretary- Pamela Miller (Kentucky)
  • Treasurer- Bryan Sample (Texas)
    Brian has 3 children, one of whom has SDS. He has included Corporate Fundraising as part of his duties on the SDSF. He is a lawyer by trade and donates his time to other non-profit organizations in his hometown.
  • Media Chair - Ed Bickel - Virginia
  • Fundraising Chair- Ed Turkaly - Colorado
  • Administrative Assistant - Kim McDowell (New York)Kim has served as Administrative Assistant for SDSF for 14 years. She is mother of 5 and Director of Recreation in her community.

Special Advisor/s appointed by the Board

  • Advisor to the Board (Website/Newsletter)- Erika Rieger (California)