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Check out Turk’s Tour Divide for SDS Event! 


People love helping their friends, families and co-workers. You will be amazed at how much money can be raised by simply asking! You can help SDSF and its community of patients and families live better lives and hopefully the funds can one day help find a cure.

Online Fundraisers: Learn about current online fundraiser and use our EASY tool for creating your own online fundraiser!

How to Host a Fundraiser: If you want to sponsor your own running race or host a dance, this page has great tips for hosting fundraisers.

Letter/E-mail Campaign: Ideas and sample language for a successful e-mail or letter writing campaign.

Fundraiser Hall of Fame: Please let us know how your fundraiser went. We can post news here and memorialize your efforts! No fundraiser is too small.

How SDSF Invests in Our Future: Learn more about how the foundation invests the money raised to find a cure and support our families.

So shoot for the stars and see what happens when you ask others for financial donations. And don't forget to mention that we have a MATCHING GIFT FUND. Ask your employer if they contribute to matching gift funds and ask for the paperwork to maximize your donation. Just make sure to attach the check to the paperwork and send to SDSF. Your friends/family can use this too.

Our tax-exempt number is 43-1709945.

Contact SDS Parent Ed Turkaly for help with Fundraisers.